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There have been news reports recently that have stated that all property owners MUST "re-apply" for the STAR exemption. This is NOT TRUE. Info updates have been sent to the Assessors. The revised STAR legislation states that "all recipients of the Basic STAR exemption must register with DTF in order to receive the STAR exemption in 2014". This is very different from a re-application. It is our understanding the Assessor will not be involved in the "Registration Process". NYS Tax & Finance will be setting up a website for that purpose.

Calendars are updated each month on the four days after the Town Board Meeting. Get your event into the Town Clerk soon for the Attica Public Calendar. Event must be on a Word document or a Adobe pdf file. Send as an attachment. Include a full description of the event and you are welcome to include images to enhance the announcement or ad. We do not accept requests on paper, only digital. Please email to . Please call the webmaster at 585-300-6200 for assistance.
Town of Attica Court Schedule
Latest Board minutes have been posted.

The complete new 2011 Town of Attica Zoning Law is being listed on the website in several places. It is 218 pages and is here for download and/or reading as a way to save you and our town tax money. Also, Bill Stranahan is the Town's Zoning Officer, P.O. Box 187, Attica, NY 14011, and phone #(585) 689-9257
New items that are going onto the Office Hours/Licenses/Forms page this next week, but are announced here . First, the Land Separation Complete Application and also the Short Environmental Assessment Form.
The latest available Town Board meeting minutes have been posted on the Minutes page.

Also, the "Office Hours/ Licenses/ Forms " page has been updated with the latest DEC links.

Town of Attica honored local volunteer firefighters for their assistance with the New York State fire mobilization and mutual aid during the floods in 2011, Eastern New York. Pictured is Terry Snyder, Brad Meisner, James Prusak Jr, Bob Willard, and Doug Patti. (picture by Kristen Mell) Click for larger version. honoring firefighters

If you are a nonprofit, club, business, or other organization within the Town or School District of Attica, please email your announcements and/or event plans to the Town Clerk at They will be added to the 2013 calendar on this website. All 12 months are up and will be viewable all year long.

New Zoning Permit here and on Office Hours & Forms page. Highway Dept. and Town Court have new fax numbers. Check the Officials page. Board Minutes page has been redone to make clearer and up to date.
The New York State DEC states the new "New York Hunting and Trapping Guide 2011-2012 Official Guide to Laws & Regulations" is now available online . Click here to download or view it.

Hunters,get your hunting licenses and permits from our Town Clerk, Kristen Mell. Licenses are on sale now. DEC has increased DMP's this year in all areas.

New link up on the left for Wyoming County Real Property Tax Services as a State mandated Service to you.
Our Town Clerk is now licensed to perform marriages as the Town Marriage Officer. She is also a Notary Public. All in an effort to better serve Attica.

Lots of good things at Stevens Memorial Library . They have many new DVD's,books,computer games,and more public computers in to use. Many Attican's don't have access to highspeed internet and can use it here for free. Call them at 591-2733 for more info. Ask them about becoming an official "Friend" of the Library and get extra privileges. Please support our library. It is a great asset to our community.

Advertise with us. Local businesses get basic ads and listings for free.

Thank you to the Attica Chamber of Commerce for working to revitalize downtown. Visit a merchant you may not have checked out before. You will be pleasantly surprised. It is true, by helping those around us, we help all of Attica rise up.
Need to go Grocery shopping ? Tops weekly flyer now online! Must select city and state, then click "circular". Go to the Local Business page and click on their link.

Need a notary? Our Town Clerk is a Notary Public.

New link up on the left for the NYS Attorney General's website.

***Our Library has a new website up. Check it out on the News page. Our Library also has many new Movie DVD's and books in. Check them out.

Please have notices of events planned to us at least 7 days in advance. Get your club or church's event listed today. It's FREE... Buy Local !! Check out the "Contest" page for Online Radio. Try it once and you'll be hooked.

Welcome to the Official website for the Town of Attica, New York. To the left you will find links to various areas of interest. Each week we plan to "grow" this website to meet your needs. We want your participation. Submit pictures, video, and the latest news around Town . We hope that you find this site to be helpful and will continue to visit in the future. If you experience problems viewing any of the pages in Internet Explorer then your browser settings are outdated. Please contact us at the email address below and we will help you. Firefox and Chrome work great.

Nothing is perfect, so don't be afraid to tell us when something doesn't work or you have something different you'd like to see. We've had a great many email us (click here)with good comments and suggestions already. Keep it up. This is the site for the citizens of Attica.



It gives me great pleasure to present this wonderful site to you. Our goal is to keep the citizens of the Town of Attica informed at all times. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact the Town Clerk at or the Webmaster at .

Douglas Patti, Attica Town Supervisor

Businesses are welcome to place ads on any of the webpages for minimal costs.

Picture of the Day. Click on it for larger version.

Kristy Mell ,Youth Court Grad
(Pictured, Town Supervisor, Doug Patti and Kristy Mell) At the meeting of the Attica Town Board held on January 21, 2013, Wyoming County Youth Court Graduate, Kristy Mell, was honored by the Town Board for her acheivement. Kristy is one of four graduates from the 15th Annual Wyoming County Youth Court Graduation which took place on December 18, 2012.

The Attica Lions Club, working hard for our community. Click on the logo to visit their website and see what they have planned.

Please support our Attica Fire Department. Hard working men and women helping to keep us safe. Click on the logo to visit their website and see what they have planned.

Our Hometown Jeweler.

Call #591-2633 with any questions.